Ghosts of the North Woods

Sometimes you're in the right place in the right light, but there's no subject to photograph. I was hoping to capture the Elk Island bison in golden evening light two days ago, but when I arrived at the plains the herd was in an inaccessible location. They had tucked themselves away in the spruce and birch forest and out of the sun on the opposite side of a boggy marsh. On my way out of the park, well after sunset, they appeared in the headlights. I pulled over, hopped out of the car (into the mist and swarming mosquitos) and shot away. I had very little light to work with and could barely even see the bison as they crossed the road by the dozen, so I adopted the method "don't think, just shoot." Auto-focus was useless in the dark, so I went full manual. There were, of course, a lot of misses. The shots I did come away with are a bit different from my typical style. I'm actually pleased despite the technical imperfections of shooting in the dark at very high ISOs. I am glad I was able to capture such an important and ancient species in our continent's history trying to survive in the modern world.