Beating the Winter Blues

What began as an unusually warm winter has become one of the coldest, snowiest, and windiest I can remember. It's been hard to get out and shoot. Public lands along the Blue Ridge Parkway have been closed off for weeks. I've been doing most of my photography right here on my six acre property. It's a beautiful piece of steep land, but I find myself with fewer and fewer subjects with each outing. Today I was able to drive up the windy road to Elk Knob State Park. I trudged through 4 miles of mountain trail in over a foot of snow. It was a refreshing hike, but I only came home with a few exposures. Winter in the Blue Ridge is challenging. Other than the occasional deer, wildlife has been sparse this winter, too. I can't explain that one. My best buddies have been the chickadees and tufted titmice who frequent my feeder (I'll post images of those little guys later). I'm looking forward (as are most) to the greenery and new life of Spring. Until I can supply more vibrant pictures, here is an image including one of the few colorful objects near my home.